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GRIEF CAN BE STRONG - And it can be overwhelming too - especially early on when everything is so raw. But this is all normal and experiencing anger, depression, confusion, anxiety, disbelief, numbness and simply wondering what you are going to do now are many of the strong emotions we can feel at the loss of a loved one.

GRIEF IS NATURAL - Most experts in grief recommend releasing these emotions rather then bottling it up and simply allowing to mourn.  

- Having our family and friends around us at this difficult time is one of the best ways of getting through the sadness. There are also a host of care and support groups that deal with bereavement that we mention below.

Support Groups for Adults

CRUSE: Bereavement Care for adults

Merry Widow. A website for anyone who has lost a partner

Family Lives (Parentline Plus). A parenting website with useful links

Support Groups For Children and Young People

RD4U. An interactive website for young people managed by CRUSE

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

The Compassionate Friends. For parents who have lost a child

The Way Foundation. Organising to support young widows

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