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Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

More and more - people are planning for a funeral well in advance of that need. Because of this, specialised companies have introduced a range of funeral plans to meet your needs. Funeral plans are designed to give you peace of mind. Those you leave behind can grieve your departure without the stress of having to fight over arrangements. And you can enjoy the rest of your life secure in the knowledge that you have made your wishes clear, covered the arrangements and settled the bills. 

Protect Your Family From Rising Costs

During the last 10 years, average funeral costs have doubled from £2000 to more than £4000 leaving the unprepared facing big bills! But if you have the foresight to buy a prepaid plan, then you can freeze those prices at today's value so your loved ones won't have to face unknown, unexpected expenses later on. With some plans, you even have the option to decide on the finer details later on.

Funeral plans cover virtually everything; from choosing which funeral director you would like to use, to dealing with the paperwork, to organising the service and transport arrangements and much more besides. Everything in the plan will have been thoroughly thought through and prepared, for when the time eventually comes.

Of course, preparing everything now means that you can get on with enjoying the rest of your life and the company of loved ones, safe in the knowledge that your final acts show them just how much you care.

We offer a variety of plans to suit your specific needs.

What Should I Consider in Choosing a Funeral Plan?

That depends on what your wishes are and of course which plan you have chosen. But here are some of the most common items to bear in mind are:

BUDGET - How much you want to spend on the funeral is obviously one of the largest considerations in any forward planning. The cost is affected by such things as whether you want a burial or cremation and the charges made by the funeral director for arranging and conducting the funeral. And of course what type of funeral services you would like,ranging from the plain and simple to something more elaborate. It is important that you weigh up the pros of each plan and find out the exact details of what is included and what isn't. We can help with that process, because we have extensive experience and access to all the major providers.

PAYMENT OPTIONS - Generally, you have the choice of a lump sum payment or monthly installments. Most of the reputable plan providers will hold these funds securely, most typically by placing the funds with the National Funeral Trust, so no matter what happens your money and your funeral arrangements will be protected

CHOICE OF FUNERAL DIRECTOR - Locally based funeral directors typically work with a number of different funeral planning services, so you rest assured your plan provider will deal with a reputable funeral director.  

SOMETHING SPECIAL TO BE REMEMBERED FOR - When it comes to your funeral - you might have something totally different in mind! So many people wish to celebrate the life of a loved one and you may desire that the 'celebration of your life' be something which is remembered for a long time to come. It could be that you have a favourite car that you would like to be used or maybe a horse drawn hearse. For some it could be a New Orleans band playing them to the service. The choice is, of course, entirely yours but these requirements will obviously need to be discussed with your chosen funeral director and accounted for in your budget.

ACTIVATING YOUR PLAN - It is vital that your loved ones know you have a plan in place. This will not only ensure that things run smoother during a difficult time for them but will also, quite frankly, give them peace of mind - safe in the knowledge that every thing has been taken care of. Think of it this way... If they know they can simply pick up the phone, activate the plan and then have the funeral director take care of the difficult details - that's going to make a difficult time much easier to get through. That way your loved ones will have time to comfort and console each other instead of having to run around making last minute arrangements - that might not be quite what you wanted anyway

So... What should you do about it?

As we've said above there are a lot of plans available, each offering a wide variety of options, so you would most likely welcome some professional help in finding the right one for you.
We've made that simple and there is no charge for our service. Simply...

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